What is PM Narendra Modi net worth?

World-renowned Narendra Modi is India’s prime minister. In this topic we will discuss Narendra Modi Net Worth and more interesting facts about him. Lets start with how Narendra Modi became prime minister. In 1950, Modi was born in Vadnagar, Gujarat. This paper discusses his childhood, politics, and money.

Early learning

Narendra Modi was the third child in a destitute six-child family. Hiraben was a housewife, while Damodardas Mulchand Modi sold tea from home. Vadnagar schools educated Modi. Since childhood, he has been engaged in politics and the Hindu nationalist RSS.

After graduating, Modi explored India. He sold tea in Ahmedabad, India, for several years after visiting religious locations. He became active in the RSS, which helped him succeed in politics.

Modi earned a four-year BS in political science from Delhi University in 1978. He earned an MS in political science from Gujarat University in 1983.

Political Start

Modi took politics seriously after joining the RSS in the late 1970s. He became Gujarat’s spokesperson in 1985 after rising swiftly. He joined RSS-affiliated BJP in 1987.

Modi’s first task as BJP leader was to gain public support. As a party organizer and planner, he rose swiftly. He became the BJP’s national secretary in 1995 and oversaw its state operations.

Mr. Modi’s career peak was becoming Gujarat’s Chief Minister in 2001. When he became governor, unemployment and violence were high. Modi’s initiatives boosted state investment and the economy. He fought corruption and reformed governance.

Modi faced many issues as Chief Minister. In 2002, communal rioting killed over 1,000 Muslims. 2002 riots. Modi’s riot response was criticized.

In 2002, 2007, and 2012, Modi was re-elected Gujarat’s Chief Minister despite the riots.

Modi became India’s 14th prime minister after the 2014 BJP victory. His victory represented a repudiation of the previous administration’s corrupt and unproductive practices.

Modi’s economic and social policies aim to modernize India and improve lives. The Clean India Mission (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan) and Made in India projects aim to boost manufacturing and make India a worldwide manufacturing centre. Both missions aim to make India a manufacturing hub. Modi is lauded and criticized as Prime Minister. Modernizing, improving infrastructure, and investing globally are lauded. His efforts to improve relations with China and Pakistan have been lauded worldwide.

Modi’s religious and social policies toward Muslims have drawn criticism. His government’s Hindu nationalist aims may be causing India’s religious strife.

Modi’s net worth is unknown, but most people think it’s cheap compared to other world leaders. Public workers must disclose assets and debts annually. In 2020, Narendra Modi said he was worth 2.85 crore rupees, or $381,000 (Net Worth).

Modi owns a four-bedroom Gandhinagar property valued 1.1 crore rupees ($147,000 USD). Modi owns 13.5 lakh rupees ($18,000) of Ahmedabad land. He owns gold jewelry, literature, and bank money.


Narendra Modi’s rise to power in India was defined by his humble beginnings and ability to win over voters. He was lauded and criticized for modernizing the country and helping its people as Prime Minister. His Prime Ministership has been praised and criticized.
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Modi’s low fortune fits his public servant status, despite his many political victories. Nobody knows what this controversial person has done or been in trouble for as he leads India into the future. He’ll cause issues.

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