“Tom Ellis: More Than Just Lucifer! Discover The Unknown Facts About The Star”

Less well-known details about the “Devil” of Lucifer, Tom Ellis, include having a twin and being a musician.

Tom Ellis is most known for playing the devil in the successful television series “Lucifer.” The endearing and gifted actor has won many people over with his charisma and knack at acting. Yet, Tom Ellis is much more than his on-screen character. We’ll examine some of the actor’s lesser-known details in more detail in this piece.

Tom Ellis’s sister is a twin.

Did you know that Lucy is the identical twin of Tom Ellis? Lucy is a recognized theater performer in her own right, although not having the same level of fame as her brother. They’ve actually worked together on multiple occasions.

He is an accomplished musician.

Tom Ellis is not only a superb actor but also a musician. Since he was a little child, he has played the piano and guitar, and in some of his acting roles, he has even performed as a singer. Also, he has published his own music and appeared on numerous live shows.

Toby Ellis Almost Became A Priest

Tom Ellis thought about going into the ministry before he became an actor. He even went to a theological school and thought about entering the ministry. He ultimately made the choice, nevertheless, to focus on his acting career.

He Has a Proven Track Record in Sports

Tom Ellis has always loved working out and has a lot of experience playing sports. He excelled in rugby while still in school, and he’s maintained that level of fitness ever since. Along with them, he takes pleasure in surfing and hiking.

Tom Ellis has contributed to a number of films and TV shows.

Although he is most known for his part in “Lucifer,” he has also been in a number of other TV episodes and motion pictures over the course of his career. Some of his memorable performances include Mark Etches in the drama “The Fades” and Gary Preston in the BBC sitcom “Miranda.”

His daughter Marnie

Marnie Ellis, Tom Ellis’ daughter, was born in 2006. During the time, he was married to the actress Tamzin Outhwaite; however, the two separated in 2014. Since then, Meaghan Oppenheimer, a screenwriter, and Ellis have remarried.

Tom Ellis: Generous man

He is renowned for his charitable endeavors as well. He has participated in numerous charitable activities and supports groups including the British Red Cross and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

He is much more than just the devil in “Lucifer,” to sum up. He is a gifted musician, actor, fitness fanatic, and philanthropist. He is even more captivating and endearing to his fans because of his unusual past and little-known facts.

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