The Ultimate Guide to the 2023 Chicago Cubs Opening Day Roster

The 2023 Chicago Cubs Opening Day Roster Ultimate Guide

MLB’s Chicago Cubs are legendary. The Cubs have captivated millions of fans worldwide since 1876. Fans avidly await the Cubs’ 2023 opening day roster. We will analyse the 2023 Chicago Cubs opening day squad, including the starting lineup, pitching staff, and key players.

The Chicago Cubs play baseball. The National League Central side plays in MLB. The Cubs have won three World Series and made many postseason trips. In 2023, the Cubs will contend for another playoff spot with a talented roster.

Starting Lineup:

Opening day’s Cubs roster should be one of the league’s best. The expected lineup:

First baseman Anthony Rizzo

Cubs star Anthony Rizzo is dependable. He has been a top first baseman since joining the club in 2012. Left-handed Rizzo shines at getting on base and driving in runs.

Second Baseman – Nico Hoerner

Since 2019, Cubs second baseman Nico Hoerner has been young and gifted. He has good bat and defence. Hoerner should help the Cubs’ offence this season.

Shortstop – Javier Baez:

League-wide, Javier Baez is dynamic. He can hit and defend. Since 2014, Baez has been a key Cubs star.

Third Baseman – Kris Bryant:

Kris Bryant is a Cubs star. He has won many awards, including the 2016 National League MVP, since joining the club in 2015. Bryant, a multi-position star, is expected to help the Cubs’ offence this season.

Catcher – Willson Contreras:

Top pitchers include Willson Contreras. Since 2016, he has played well defensively and offensively for the Cubs. Contreras should be a key figure again this season.

Left Fielder: Joc Pederson:

2023 Cubs rookie Joc Pederson. He is a left-handed power batter. Pederson should help the Cubs’ offence this season.

Center Fielder – Ian Happ:

The Cubs signed skilled outfielder Ian Happ in 2017. He bats well and plays defence as a switch-hitter. Happ should be a key figure again this season.

Right Fielder – Jason Heyward:

Cubs veteran Jason Heyward joined in 2016. He has good bat and defence. Heyward will head the Cubs’ outfield this season.

Pitching Staff

In 2023, the Cubs’ rotation should be strong. The expected starting rotation:

Starting Pitcher – Kyle Hendricks:

The Cubs’ most steady pitcher is Kyle Hendricks. He has been a top pitcher since joining the club in 2014. Right-handed pitcher Hendricks has good control and can alter speeds.

Starting pitcher Alec Mills

Young Cubs hurler Alec Mills has shown promise. He has a solid pitch repertoire and joined the club in 2019. This season, Mills will be a key Cubs pitcher.

Adbert Alzolay starts:

Another promising hurler is Adbert Alzolay. He has excelled for the Cubs since 2019. Right-handed hurler Alzolay has a good fastball and devastating slider.

Starting pitcher Justin Steele:

Cubs left-hander Justin Steele joined in 2018. Despite his injury history, he has shown promise when fit. Steele could make the Cubs’ starting staff this season.

Cole Franklin starts:

The Cubs chose 2020 pitcher Cole Franklin. He’s slated to compete for a spot in the Cubs’ starting rotation this season after showing promise in the minors.

Closer—Craig Kimbrel:

Top closer Craig Kimbrel. Since joining the Cubs in 2019, he has been a strong reliever. Right-handed pitcher Kimbrel has a powerful fastball and deadly curveball.

Key Performers

The 2023 Cubs roster has several other key stars to watch. Some examples:

Kyle Schwarber:

The Cubs have skilled outfielder Kyle Schwarber since 2015. He’s one of the league’s best power hitters when fit, but he’s had injury issues.

David Bote:

Multi-positional David Bote. He has shown promise with the Cubs since 2018.

Jake Arrieta:

Jake Arrieta has pitched for the Cubs twice. His career honours include the 2015 National League Cy Young Award. Arrieta will head the Cubs’ pitching staff this season.


Fans are excited for the 2023 Chicago Cubs’ talented opening day squad. The Cubs have a good mix of veterans and young talent to make a long playoff run. Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Kyle Hendricks, and Craig Kimbrel lead the offence and pitching crew, respectively. The Cubs can beat any team in the league with their talented and versatile squad.

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When is the Cubs’ opening day in 2023?
In 2023, the Cubs’ opening day will likely be in late March or early April.

What are the expectations for the Cubs in 2023?
The Cubs should make the playoffs in 2023. The team has the talent and pitching to make a long playoff run.

Who are the key players to watch on the Cubs roster in 2023?
2023 Cubs stars include Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Kyle Hendricks, and Craig Kimbrel.

Will the Cubs be making any trades or signings before the 2023 season?
The Cubs may trade or sign before 2023, but nothing has been revealed.

How can I watch the Cubs’ games in 2023?
Marquee Sports Network and other carriers will air Cubs games.

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