Selena Gomez Fans Go Crazy with Viral Roast Ft. Justin Bieber’s Wife Hailey Bieber!

Selena Gomez fans make a viral video that makes fun of Hailey Bieber.

The cut contains a clip of Hailey Bieber stating, “You can take his money, but you’ll still be the lower version,” which is a sentence from a song Selena Gomez had released before. The cut has been talked about a lot online, and many Selena Gomez fans have complimented the video for being funny and imaginative.

The video has been widely circulated on social media sites, and it shows different times when Hailey Bieber said the controversial line. The video has been modified to include clips of Selena Gomez as well as text and other graphics that emphasise the abuse that Selena is said to have received.

Online, people had different things to say about the video. Some Selena Gomez fans thought it was a great way to make fun of Hailey Bieber, but others thought it was in bad taste and insulting to Hailey Bieber. Some admirers of Selena Gomez have even been accused of cyberbullying and abuse.

Even though the video has caused a lot of criticism, it has continued to gain popularity online. Many people have shared it on their own social media accounts. Some people have even made their own versions of the edit, giving it their own twist.


Selena Gomez fans have created a viral roast video featuring Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber. In the video, Hailey is edited to say, “You can take his cash, but you’ll still be the cheaper version.” The internet is buzzing with reactions and taking sides in the Selena vs. Hailey rivalry.

The event shows how closely public personalities are watched online, with even the smallest perceived insult or dispute being blown up and spread worldwide through social media. It also shows how powerful social media can be in changing people’s minds and how internet content can go viral in just a few hours.

Even if the viral cut with Hailey Bieber made a commotion online, it is vital to remember that public figures, particularly celebrities, have the right to be treated with respect and to have their privacy. We should all be careful and understanding while using social media and other online content, and we should never cyberbully or harass anyone in any way.

Viral Tweets:

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Final Words:

In conclusion, the online buzz has been huge about the viral cut with Bieber and the contentious lyric from Selena Gomez’s song.
Some people have said it was a great roast, while others have said it was in bad taste and insulting. When using social media and online information, it’s crucial for all of us to be careful and kind, and to respect the privacy and dignity of both prominent personalities and other people.

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Written by Jennifer Fox

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