Rihanna on N*des: “It’s My Body, My Rules”

Rihanna on N*des Ones said They Are ‘Fun’ After Hers Leaked All Over The Internet: ‘”If You Don’t Send Your Boyfriend N*ked Pictures, Then I Feel Bad For Him”

In 2014, a number of private photos of the Barbadian pop star Rihanna were posted online without her permission. This started a discussion about privacy and consent. But Rihanna didn’t try to avoid the situation. Instead, she dealt with it head-on, saying that nudes were “fun” and even going so far as to say that she feels bad for your boyfriend if you don’t send him naked pictures.

The fuss over the leaked photos of Rihanna

When the photos of Rihanna were leaked, many people were quick to blame the hacker who had broken her privacy. Some people said that the pictures were for her then-boyfriend, while others said that she only took them for herself. Rihanna didn’t want to be a victim of the controversy, so she took matters into her own hands.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Rihanna on N*des: “It’s My Body, My Rules” and further said that the incident was a “breach of her privacy,” but she also said that she had nothing to hide. She then said that she didn’t regret taking the pictures and thought they were “beautiful.”

Rihanna’s views on nudes

In the same interview, Rihanna said that she thought it was “fun” to take and share nudes. Also, add on Rihanna on N*des: “It’s My Body, My Rules”! She said that she did send them to her boyfriend and that if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, she feels bad for him.

Rihanna’s thoughts on being naked are not unique, and many people find it fun and even empowering to take and share intimate photos. But the fact that her pictures got out is a good reminder that sharing these kinds of pictures should always be a personal decision and that everyone has the right to privacy and consent.

The impact of Rihanna’s words

Rihanna’s comments about nudity and privacy started a larger conversation, and many people thanked her for speaking out. But some people said she was wrong to seem to support the idea of sending naked pictures without fully thinking about what could happen.

No matter how you feel about naked people, Rihanna’s stance on the subject shows how important privacy and consent are. It’s fine for people to take and share these kinds of pictures, but it’s important to do so in a safe, respectful, and agreed-upon way.


In the end, the photos of Rihanna that were leaked caused trouble and raised questions about privacy and consent. But the way she dealt with the situation showed that she wasn’t sorry and was happy with her body.

Her comments about naked people also started a larger conversation about the subject. This showed how important privacy and permission are in all parts of life. In the end, everyone has the right to control their own bodies and images, and it’s up to each person to decide what they’re comfortable sharing with others.


Why did Rihanna’s nudes get leaked?

In 2014, a hacker who got into Rihanna’s personal accounts without permission leaked her naked pictures.

Did Rihanna wish she hadn’t taken the pictures?

In an interview, Rihanna said she didn’t regret taking the photos and thought they were “beautiful.”

What did Rihanna say about sending nudes?

Rihanna said that taking and sharing naked pictures was “fun” for her, and she even said that she feels bad for your boyfriend if you don’t send him naked pictures.

How did Rihanna’s comments change the way people talked about being naked?

Rihanna’s comments about nudity and privacy sparked a larger conversation about the subject, with some people applauding her for speaking out.

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