Portugal Player Ratings Against Luxembourg: Analyzing Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Leao Performances

Review of Portugal’s Performance Against Luxembourg Based on the Play of Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Leao.

Many football fans watched the World Cup Qualifier between Portugal and Luxembourg.
Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Leao, two of the biggest names in football, were expected to play well.
In this piece, we’ll look at how Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Leao fared in Portugal’s game against Luxembourg.

Here is the list of Portugal player ratings against Luxembourg in a table format:

Player NameRating (out of 10)
Anthony Lopes6
Joao Cancelo7
Ruben Dias8
Nuno Mendes6
Danilo Pereira6
Bernardo Silva7
Bruno Fernandes6
Rafael Leao7
Cristiano Ronaldo9
Diogo Jota8

Brief Synopsis of the Game:

An summary of the game should be given before focusing on the individual efforts of the players.
Taking place on March 26, 2023 in Luxembourg’s Stade Josy Barthel stadium. Bernardo Silva scored the opening goal for Portugal in the 24th minute.
After Luxembourg scored in the 37th minute, Portugal regained the advantage 55 minutes later thanks to a goal by Cristiano Ronaldo. The final result was 2-1, with Portugal emerging victorious.

Player Evaluations in Portugal

Let’s now examine the Portugal vs. Luxembourg player ratings:

R. P. Ruiz (6):

The Portuguese goalie played well, making several key saves. The goal he let in, however, could have been prevented with better play.

Semedo, Nelson (7):

The right back played well, making a few dangerous runs forward and giving great defensive coverage.

Dias, Ruben (8):

The centre defender played with authority and made numerous key tackles and interceptions.

Pepe (7):

The veteran centre defender was a threat from set pieces and provided solid defensive coverage.

R. Guerreiro, R. (7):

The left back was reliable in defence and an effective offensive asset.

Author: Joao Palhinha (7):

The defensive midfielder worked hard and did an excellent job of preventing goals and passing the ball.

Frankie Fernandes (6):

The offensive midfielder was quite quiet and had no real impact on the game.

B. Silva Bernardo (8):

The midfielder scored Portugal’s first goal with a well-placed strike and played admirably in general.

Author: Diogo Jota (6):

The forward was unable to make an impact on the game or create any scoring opportunities.

Christiano Ronaldo (9):

The Portuguese captain was the game’s top performer, as he not only scored but also set up two goals. His performance as a persistent danger to the Luxembourg defence was worthy of a captain.

Leao Rafael (7):

The striker was reasonably effective, generating a few scoring opportunities and posing some problems for the Luxembourg defence.

Cristiano Ronaldo: A Performance Evaluation

The encounter versus Luxembourg was a showcase of offensive football, and Cristiano Ronaldo was outstanding. He showed off his offensive skills and leadership by scoring and assisting on goals. Ronaldo’s speed, technique, and accuracy made him a constant danger to the Luxembourg defence.

In the 55th minute, Ronaldo scored a magnificent goal by taking a feed from Bernardo Silva and curling the ball into the top corner of the net. His vision and awareness helped him find Diogo Jota for Portugal’s second goal, and Jota made no mistake with the easy finish.

In sum, Ronaldo’s game showed once again why he is revered as one of the sport’s all-time greats. Because of his talent, leadership, and goal-scoring prowess, he is an essential member of Portugal’s team.

Evaluation of Rafael Leao’s Play

Rafael Leao didn’t carry Portugal quite as Ronaldo did, but he still had a good game. The forward was a continuous danger to the Luxembourg defense, using his speed and talent to open up scoring opportunities and increase the pressure on the Luxembourgian defence.

Leao’s performance was highlighted by his vision and pinpoint passing, which allowed him and his teammates to thrive in open spaces. He played a crucial role in Portugal’s assault, setting up chances for Ronaldo and the rest of his side.

Although he did not record a point, Leao displayed great future potential. With so much time yet ahead of him in his young 24 years, he has the potential to become an important player for Portugal in the years to come.


Portugal’s performance versus Luxembourg was strong overall, and Cristiano Ronaldo was the game’s best player. The defence was strong thanks to Ruben Dias and Pepe, and the midfield and attack were both inspired by Bernardo Silva and Rafael Leao.

Portugal has moved closer to World Cup qualification with this victory and will try to build on this performance in future matches. A lot of people are waiting for the next game so they can watch Ronaldo and the rest of the team play again.


Was Cristiano Ronaldo able to find the back of the net against Luxembourg?

In fact, Ronaldo did manage to find the back of the net in the 55th minute.

When Portugal scored their second goal, who set it up for them?

Diogo Jota scored with help from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Was Rafael Leao effective on the field?

Leao did have a good game, as he made some good chances and gave the Luxembourg defence some trouble.

Who did Portugal have that really stood out throughout the game?

For Portugal, the encounter was highlighted by the play of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ruben Dias.

Can you tell me how Portugal and Luxembourg fared in the end?

Portugal won the match with a score of 2-1.

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