Not inspired by Urfi Javed, says ‘Delhi Metro girl’ Riddhima Chanana

Bikini Lady video from Delhi Metro girl goes viral; DMRC responds

On social media, a video of a woman in a bikini riding the Delhi Metro has gone viral. A woman who isn’t known is seen sitting in a metro train while other riders look at her.

On social media, people have said that she looks like Urfi Javed.

Some people on social media said that the woman in the video looked like Urfi Javed, who used to be on the reality show Bigg Boss. Many people on social media said that the woman was trying to get attention by showing off her bikini in public.

How DMRC Reacted to the Video That Went Viral?

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said that they are looking into the situation after the video went viral. The DMRC said that wearing these clothes on the metro is against their rules and that they are looking into the matter.

The DMRC has also asked people who use the metro to follow their rules and not wear clothes that don’t fit right. The DMRC has also told the public that people who break its rules will be punished severely.

What have people thought about DMRC’s statement?

People on social media have also talked about what the DMRC said. Those who agreed with the DMRC pointed out how important it is to keep public spaces looking nice. Several commenters, however, said that the DMRC was being too harsh and that the woman in the bikini who was riding the subway did not hurt anyone.

After seeing the movie, many people have thought about free speech and the right to wear what you want in public. Some people think they should be able to wear whatever they want, while others think it is important to stick to social norms and values.

Who is the viral Delhi Metro girl?

The girl in the video is Riddhima Chanana. She said she can wear anything. She posted on Instagram that she receives direct messages asking if she is the “metro girl.” Chanana proved she and the other girl are identical.:”

Chanana told India Today she is not doing this to become famous. She’s indifferent to others’ opinions. I’m not inspired by Urfi Javed,” Chanana said when asked if he inspired her.
“The Urfi Javed has absolutely no effect on me,” Chanana said when asked if Urfi Javed inspired her. Until a friend showed me a picture, I didn’t know who she was. Choosing will take time. Takes time. I too have no freedom in my conventional home. Hence, I decided to follow my ideals one day. I’ve taken this road for years.”

Delhi Metro girl In an Interview with India Today!

Chanana said her family is also angry with her choice. Neighbors harass and threaten her, but she doesn’t care.

Tweet Reaction On A post By Deepika Bhardwaj:

Deepika Bhardwaj tweeted a video of a woman traveling the Delhi Metro with a bikini top and shorts. Tweet states, “Delhi Metro! Metro bikini woman. Is she seeking attention or this is her freedom of expression?”.

The tweet received mixed reviews. Some have praised the woman’s right to wear what she wants and criticized society’s double standards. They say males can wear vests and shorts but women are embarrassed for wearing bikinis. Several commenters considered the woman’s clothes improper and attention-seeking. They say the metro has clothing codes.

The tweet raised questions about free speech and public dress.

While Another Tweet By Bharat Singh Diwakar:

दिल्ली मेट्रो में खड़ी ये लड़की इस बात की गवाह है कि वायरल होने की भूख इंसान को नंगा होने पर भी मजबूर कर देती है। ये लड़की मेट्रो में पूरे कपड़ों में आई थी लेकिन अंदर आने के बाद इसने कपड़े उतारे और मिशन वायरल पर जुट गई जो सफल हो चुका है।😒😒😒

@OfficialDMRC कोई संज्ञान लेंगे आप ?


The video of the Delhi Metro Bikini Girl is all over social media, and it has started a debate about what people should and shouldn’t wear in public. Even though the DMRC has said that wearing these clothes on the metro is against their rules, some people have asked what the DMRC thinks about free speech and the right to dress however one wants.

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