Naomi Campbell faces brutal photoshop allegations after Oscars


The internet has brutally trolled Naomi Campbell for possibly using the worst possible Photoshop for her Oscars look, with users saying things like “You Don’t Need Filters.”

Since the Oscars in 2021, the supermodel Naomi Campbell has been everyone’s topic of conversation. Several people complimented her stunning appearance, while others made fun of her for reportedly employing the worst photo editing software ever.

Internet users have claimed that the celebrity has altered her appearance by employing photo editing software such as Photoshop. They made this claim about the celebrity.
The images in question stemmed from a post that she made on Instagram, in which she showcased photographs of herself taken while she was on the red carpet at the Oscars.

The Charges or Accusations

The actress, who is 51 years old, appeared at the 93rd Academy Awards and wowed in a pink and black gown with a mask that matched it. She looked radiant in her outfit, but several internet users accused her of using too many filters and too much Photoshop on her shots. They asserted that the photographs she shared on her various social media profiles appeared to have been altered or modified in some way. Some even pointed out that the proportions of her face and physique appeared odd and were not natural looking.

The Counterattack

The online harassment came from all directions, and some users of social media even compared her photographs to those made by professional photographers at the Oscars event. They remarked that the difference between the two was fairly clear, and that Naomi’s images appeared to have been manipulated and staged in an artificial manner. Some people also said that the model was responsible for elevating unattainable beauty standards for women all around the world.

The Reaction to This

The internet trolls and the claims have not been responded to directly by Naomi Campbell as of now. In an interview that she gave recently to Vogue, Naomi Campbell discussed the skincare and beauty routine that she follows.
She went on to say that she stays on top of her beauty routine by paying attention to what she puts into her body, and that this is how she maintains the health of not only the rest of her body but also her skin. This is how she maintains her beauty regimen.
She went on to say that the inner calm and love that she has for herself are the two qualities that contribute most to her beauty and make her so appealing to others. She believes that these two qualities are the root of her attractiveness.

The Takeaway

This incident demonstrates how social media can be both a boon and a bane in people’s lives at different times. Although it has the potential to help individuals interact with one another and exhibit their work, it also has the potential to serve as a venue for trolling and hate speech. About Naomi Campbell, the experience serves as a reminder of the significance of practising self-care and loving oneself.
It is crucial to concentrate on achieving inner peace rather than allowing variables from the outside world to determine one’s value. In addition, it is of the utmost importance to disregard the unfavourable aspects of life and concentrate on those which are favourable.


In conclusion, the rumoured usage of photoshop and filters by Naomi Campbell at the Oscars 2021 is a reminder that the world of social media is not always nice. . Authenticity and sincerity are both essential.
It is crucial to focus on inner peace, self-love, and a healthy lifestyle rather than relying on external influences to feel beautiful.

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