Johnny Depp purchased 14 homes with $75 million and spent $18 million on a 150-foot yacht, amid claims of ‘firing’ his financial management team? (Reports)

When Johnny Depp bought 14 homes and a 150-foot boat, the finance management staff was allegedly “fired.”

Johnny Depp, who is famous for his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, and many other movies, has once again been in the news for his extravagant spending and money problems. Depp is said to have spent a total of $75 million on 14 houses and $18 million on a 150-foot yacht. His financial management team, on the other hand, says he was “fired” because they tried to tell him not to spend so much money.

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Everyone knows that Depp likes nice things. In the past, interviews have been done about his collection of cars, which includes a 1959 Corvette, a 1963 Thunderbird, and a 1968 Ford Mustang. Even more amazing, though, is how many properties he owns. He owns 14 different places, such as a penthouse in Los Angeles, a town in France, and an island in the Bahamas. Some of these properties are said to be worth millions of dollars.

The newest thing in his collection is a 150-foot boat that he is said to have bought for $18 million. The yacht is called “Vajoliroja,” which is a mix of his ex-and wife’s his own names. It is thought to have all the latest amenities, like a jacuzzi, a gym, and a theatre. His team of financial managers is worried about the yacht purchase, saying that it was a waste of money.

Financial Troubles and ‘Fired’ Management Team

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The people in charge of Depp’s money are said to have told him not to make such expensive purchases, but he allegedly didn’t listen. The actor’s management team says that Depp “fired” them because of the resulting controversy. He has also been accused of not keeping track of his spending and of not paying his bills on time.

Depp has had money problems in the past. In 2017, he sued his previous management group, saying that they had lost him millions of dollars by mismanaging his money. The management group sued back, saying that Depp got into debt because he spent too much money.

In a recent court filing, Depp’s former management team said the actor spent $150,000 per month on security, $200,000 per month on private planes, and $30,000 per month on wine. They also said that he spent $2 million to pay a staff of 40 people and $3 million to fire the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson from a cannon.

What Depp Thought?

Depp hasn’t said anything yet about the most recent claims made by his former management group. In a past interview with Rolling Stone, he did explain his spending habits by saying that he had to live a certain way to keep his creative process going. He also talked about how much he loved his properties and how they gave him ideas.

In the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about Johnny Depp’s financial problems and how much he spends. Some people think he is having money problems because of bad management, while others think he is the only one to blame. No matter what, it’s clear that Depp’s love of luxury has cost him a lot.

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