Jennifer Lopez Slayed In A Sheer Gown, Exposing her a*s and b**bs while covering half of them!

In order to cover her b**bs and a**, Jennifer Lopez once wore a sheer, n*de dress with a sparkling dragon wrapped around it. Take a look!

Some Hollywood actresses just can’t stop working out and showing off how hot their bodies are. Most likely, Jennifer Lopez is at the top. The actress is 53 years old, but she looks the same as when she was 20. The singer works out to stay fit, and whenever she shows off her curves, we all go crazy.

In 2015, she did this by wearing a dangerously s*xy red dress that blew our minds. Keep reading to find out more.

Jennifer’s first studio album came out in 1999. It was called “On the 6.” Everyone was amazed by how well the singer could dance and how beautiful her voice was. Yes, the woman can dance like a diva, which is pretty cool. She started out in movies with a small part in My Little GIRL in 1986.

But her role in Money Train is what made her well-known.

In 2015, Jennifer Lopez wore a bright red Versace dress to the Met Gala. China: Through the Looking Glass was the theme of the event that year, and wow, did that lady get the job. Even though the clothes made everyone think of China, they were not at all traditional or old-fashioned.

On top of the sheer n*de base of the dress was a patched-together dragon made of red sequins and stones. Jennifer Lopez was wrapped up by the dragon so that only her best parts were seen.

The fierce dragon mostly covered Jennifer Lopez’s b*bs and a**, but the rest of her was exposed. This business meeting outfit doesn’t leave much to the imagination. One side of the dress went off the shoulder.

The bottom half of the outfit looked like the dragon was breathing fire because of the small sequins. At the bottom, there was a black and red ombre that looked like real fire.

Jen used her makeup to make her face look red. She chose a dark bronzer and a bush that went from her cheekbones to her temples.

She made a strong impression by using dark eyelashes and eyeshadow that was the same color. She let her hair down and wore earrings made of diamonds that looked like Chinese fans.

If Emilia Clarke saw Jennifer Lopez in this outfit, she would be worried because she looked like a real dragon queen.

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