Jennifer Aniston double bra trick: the secret to her unforgettable striptease

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston wowed audiences with her unforgettable strip tease in ‘We’re The Millers’. In this article, discover the behind-the-scenes secrets of how she pulled it off and became a game-changer in Hollywood.


You don’t get to watch a Hollywood A-lister like Jennifer Aniston perform a striptease on the big screen every day. In the popular comedy “We’re The Millers,” however, Aniston played a stripper named Rose who consents to assist a small-time drug dealer set up a false family in order to smuggle marijuana across the border with Mexico.

Aniston’s amazing figure and seductive motions made the sequence an instant fan favorite, as did the audience’s admiration. But many people are unaware that staging the striptease wasn’t as simple as it appeared to be. In truth, Jennifer Aniston admitted that there was no tape involved and that she just doubled her bras when she recalled performing the striptease scene in “We’re The Millers.”

How then did Aniston make the scenario seem so natural? Let’s get started and find out.

The Untold Stories of the Set

Just double-up bras, no taping
Jennifer Aniston admitted that she didn’t use any tape to hold her breasts in place as she recalled nailing the striptease scene in “We’re The Millers.” She instead used the time-tested tactic of doubling her bras.

“I did not tape. I simply doubled up on my bras “Aniston stated in an interview with Access Hollywood. “I slipped on a thong underneath. It was a love fest when [director] Rawson [Marshall Thurber] assembled this incredible crew of folks to spray tan and wax my legs.”

Women frequently double-up their bras to give their busts more lift and support. The chance of any unintentional movements or slides is decreased by wearing two bras since they more securely hold the breasts in place. But, few women would feel confident employing it in public, much less in front of hordes of moviegoers.

For Aniston, though, it was a negligible cost to bear in order to make the scene appear as authentic as possible. And based on the responses of viewers all over the world, it was unquestionably worthwhile.

Months of Planning

Even though the sequence is just briefly shown on screen, it required months of planning to get it precisely so. Aniston extensively collaborated with a group of choreographers, trainers, and wardrobe experts to perfect the striptease’s movements and attire.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Aniston said, “I worked with this fantastic choreographer, Denise Faye, and she choreographed that sequence for me. “Then I had two excellent trainers—actually, three—who simply kicked my butt. I was in fantastic form.”

Throughout the scene, Aniston was had to wear a variety of costumes, each of which was created to expose a little more skin than the one before it. The final look, a short bra and pant pair, left nothing to the imagination and demanded that Aniston be in top physical shape.

The Value of Self-Belief

Confidence was perhaps the key to successfully executing the striptease scene. Aniston had to not only dress the part but also act the part, conveying the kind of assurance and allure for sex that could only come from a seasoned stripper.

The Hollywood Reporter quoted Aniston as saying, “I simply had to go for it.” “It was intimidating, but I knew I was in good hands. My comfort level was so high thanks to the entire production team; this allowed me to really inhabit my role and just go for it.”

Aniston exuded a certain easy sex appeal on screen that few actresses could match. Her confidence was apparent throughout the entire performance. Many viewers were left wondering if she had any prior experience as a stripper because of how convincing her performance was.

Yet as Aniston admitted in interviews, she was relying on her acting abilities and the support of the crew behind the scenes because she had no prior experience.


Did Jennifer Aniston have any doubts about acting in the “We’re The Millers” striptease scene?

Aniston said that she was anxious about the sequence and had previously doubted that she was the proper fit for the part. With the assistance of the brilliant crew behind the scenes, she ultimately made the decision to jump in and give it everything she had.

For the striptease scene, did Jennifer Aniston utilize any body doubles?

For the scene, Aniston did not use any body doubles. She choreographed each motion herself and followed the instructions of her trainers.

Was it challenging to film the striptease scene?

The moment was difficult to film; it took months of planning and numerous takes to get it just perfect. Aniston and the rest of the cast and crew put a lot of effort into making it as authentic and interesting as they could.


The actress’s magnificent striptease in “We’re The Millers” is evidence of her talent, commitment, and self-assurance. Aniston pulled off the stunt with grace and effortlessly despite having no prior experience as a stripper, astounded viewers worldwide.

Aniston’s performance serves as a testament to the fact that even the most difficult roles can be taken on with the correct mindset and support, from her choice to double her bras rather than use tape to the months of preparation and hard work that went into polishing the scene.

Take a moment to recognize the extraordinary effort that went into making one of Hollywood’s most iconic striptease scenes, courtesy of the one and only Jennifer Aniston, the next time you watch “We’re The Millers.”

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