Diplo Admits to Receiving Bl*w J*bs from Men, But Denies Being G*y

A person on the internet comments, “Everyone in Hollywood is bis**ual. Dude, live your life,” to DJ Diplo Admits to Receiving Bl*w J*bs of being turned off by guys but maintaining, “I’m not g*y.

American DJ, producer, and composer Diplo is Thomas Wesley Pentz. He is famous for his contributions to electronic dance music (EDM) and has collaborated with Madonna, Justin Bieber, and Beyoncé. The DJ recently caused a stir after revealing his s*x with men.

Diplo’s Acknowledgment

In a recent interview, Diplo acknowledged having sex with men and even getting a blow job. Nonetheless, he quickly stressed that he did not regard himself as g*y. The DJ Diplo Admits to Receiving Bl*w J*bs and claimed that he never shies away from trying new things and that he avoids categorizing his se**al orientation. He continued by saying that his previous relationships don’t define his sexual orientation and don’t make him feel guilty or ashamed.

Online users’ Reactions

Diplo’s online confession was met with a variety of responses. He received praise from some for his openness and honesty while receiving criticism from others for attempting to be both.
Many people pointed out that Diplo is technically bis**ual if he has slept with both men and women, no matter how he identifies himself. He was charged with attempting to gain attention or renown by using the fact that he had affairs with males. He was charged with trying to utilize his extramarital affairs with guys to get celebrity or attention.

Diplo was defended online by a number of people who believed that there was nothing wrong with s*x*al experimentation and that people should be allowed to explore their s*xu*lity without fear of judgment or criticism.
Others pointed out that Diplo’s admission wasn’t exceptionally shocking or divisive because the music business, particularly in Hollywood, is known for being accepting of people of all s*x*al orientations.

Concerns & Rumors

Many rumors and ideas about Diplo’s s*x*ality and past experiences have emerged in the wake of his confession. The DJ Diplo Admits to Receiving Bl*w J*bs is reportedly afraid to come out because he is concerned about the reaction or potential career damage, despite some speculating that he might be g*y or b*s*xual. Some have speculated that Diplo’s admission was an intentional ruse to garner attention or stay relevant in the competitive music industry.

But Diplo has said that these claims are false because he is comfortable with his s*xu*lity and doesn’t feel the need to define himself or follow social norms. He has also said that his past mistakes don’t make him a bad person or artist, so they shouldn’t be used against him.


What did Diplo admit?

Diplo admitted getting a blow job and having s*x with men.

Does Diplo consider himself g*y?

Diplo rejects the idea that he is g*y. He has stated that he does not feel any sorrow or guilt for his prior deeds and that he chooses not to label his s*xu*lity.

How was Diplo’s acceptance received online?

Several Internet users reacted differently to Diplo’s revelation. He received praise from some for his openness and honesty while receiving criticism from others for attempting to be both.

Is Diplo a bisexual man?

Diplo might perhaps be classified as b*se*ual if he has had intercourse with both men and women. But he has made it clear that he doesn’t like it when his sexuality is labeled and that his current s*x*al orientation shouldn’t be based on his past s*x*al experiences.

What was the motivation for Diplo’s admission?

The reason behind Diplo’s disclosure is unknown. Some people think he just wanted to talk about his sexual experiences in an open and honest way. Some have speculated that it was a calculated ploy to attract attention or to stay relevant in the competitive music industry.

How has Diplo responded to the rumors and accusations regarding his s*x*al orientation?

Diplo has refuted the allegations and rumors regarding his s*x*al orientation by asserting that he is at ease with who he is and does not feel the need to fit into any socially prescribed categories or expectations. He has also emphasized that his prior experiences do not define him or his creativity.


Diplo’s statement about his contacts with guys has started a crucial dialogue about s*xu*lity, curiosity, and acceptance. He has received praise from some while receiving criticism from others for striving to be both honest and transparent.

Yet, Diplo has proven that he is confident in his own identity and will carry on making music and performing regardless of criticism.

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