Crash Landing on You Fame Hyun Bin Opens Up About His Transformed Life After Wedding with Co-Star Son Ye-jin & Entering Parenthood


Hyun Bin, a South Korean actor who gained to fame for his role in the hit drama series “Crash Landing on You,” has talked about the ways in which his life has altered since he married his co-star Son Ye-jin and had a child with her. Hyun Bin’s child was born after he married Son Ye-jin.

Brief introduction of Hyun Bin and his fame with “Crash Landing on You.”

In a recent interview, Hyun Bin expressed his happiness and contentment with his life, stating that he is now married and has a family, both of which had previously been missing from his existence. In addition to that, he stated that he believes something significant has occurred in his life, and for that he is grateful.

Fans were taken aback in January 2021 when the actor, who had a reputation for keeping his private life a closely guarded secret, disclosed that he was in a relationship with Son Ye-jin. Both of the actors had worked together on other films, one of which was titled “Crash Landing on You,” and it was clear that their chemistry translated well to the big screen. The fans’ expectations that the two would eventually meet in real life were ultimately fulfilled when they saw the two interact.

Details about Hyun Bin’s relationship with Son Ye-jin, including their 20-year friendship and transition from friends to lovers:

It was revealed by Hyun Bin that his connection with Son Ye-jin had been in the works for a considerable amount of time. He added that they had been friends for close to twenty years and that they had never had any awkwardness while they were together. He stated that their friendship spanned almost two decades and that they had always been able to feel at ease with one another.

In addition, the actor talked about becoming a dad for the very first time. In January of 2022, he and Son Ye-jin became parents for the first time to a son they named Son. Hyun Bin claims that becoming a father has fundamentally altered his life and the way he approaches problems and solutions. He stated that he now comprehends what it is to love someone in an unrestricted manner and that he is willing to do anything to safeguard his family.

On social media, followers of Hyun Bin who are aware of the actor’s private life have shown their admiration and support for him. He was praised by a great number of admirers for being a dedicated spouse and parent, and they all wished him all the happiness in the world.

Hyun Bin went into detail about his acting profession and how it has developed over the course of the years, in addition to talking about his personal life. He claimed that he has gained greater self-assurance and expressiveness in his acting over the years and that he enjoys taking on new challenges. He is grateful for the possibilities that have been presented to him and hopes to continue developing his acting skills.

In conclusion, Hyun Bin’s interview offered his fans a unique glimpse into his private life and shed light on the ways in which he has evolved as a result of his marriage to Son Ye-jin and the birth of their kid.
The remarks spoken by the actor demonstrate that he has a grateful heart for all of the wonderful things that have occurred in his life.
The future endeavours of Hyun Bin, both in his personal life and in his professional life, are something that his fans eagerly anticipate.

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