“Controversial Adipurush Poster Faces Massive Backlash for Chhota Bheem-Like Graphics”

Adipurush Poster Faces Serious Criticism Trolls are comparing it to Chhota Bheem graphics once more, with one saying that “Ultra Pro Max disaster is on the way”

One of the most eagerly awaited films, Adipurush is a remake of the Ramayana, a Hindu classic. Prabhas portrays Lord Ram, Kriti Sanon portrays Sita, and Saif Ali Khan plays Ravana in the film. Om Raut, renowned for his previous hit film Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, is the film’s director.

Recently, a new poster for the film was unveiled, which features Prabhas striking a fierce stance while holding a bow and arrow. The audience’s reaction to the billboard was conflicted; some praised it for its grandeur and others criticised it for its graphics.

The situation, however, deteriorated when internet users began to compare the poster’s images to those from Chhota Bheem. Social media users began to criticise the billboard, and trolls jumped at the chance to make memes and jokes about it.

Adipurush is accustomed to social media criticism. Previously, some audiences had voiced their disapproval of the film’s hiring decisions. The film’s production crew, though, has persisted in their work and hasn’t let anything deter them.

Massive Reaction to Adipurush’s Poster Once Again

The newest poster for the upcoming Indian movie Adipurush has drawn harsh critique from viewers, who many have compared to the graphics of Chhota Bheem, a well-known children’s cartoon character. The main actor, Prabhas, is depicted in the poster in a ferocious and intense avatar. It was unveiled on Monday. However, the poster’s graphics fell flat with the audience, sparking extensive trolling and criticism on social media.

Comparison of Chhota Bheem Images Provokes Outrage

Many online users expressed their dissatisfaction with the Adipurush poster’s images on Twitter and other social media sites. Some even made the comparison to Chhota Bheem, an animated series mainly geared towards children. The graphics of the poster have been the topic of memes and jokes on social media, with users calling it a “disappointment” and a “letdown.” One user even claimed that the “ultra-pro max disaster is on its way.”

Some Prabhas and movie supporters have stepped forward to defend the poster, arguing that the graphics are a deliberate stylistic choice and shouldn’t be quickly dismissed. Adipurush’s creators have not yet responded to the critique and backlash.

Highly Anticipated Release of Adipurush

Fans anxiously await the release of Adipurush, one of the most anticipated Bollywood films of the year. Prabhas portrays Lord Ram in the Om Raut-directed film, which is a reworking of the Ramayana, a work of Hindu epic literature. Saif Ali Khan plays the evil Lankesh in the film, and Kriti Sanon plays Sita and Sunny Singh plays Laxman.

The teaser for the film was unveiled last year and was well-received by the audience. The teaser’s eye-catching visual extravaganza and intense soundtrack increased anticipation for the film’s release. Fans are now expecting for a response from the creators after the backlash to the most recent poster dampened their spirits.

Graphics vs Content

The controversy surrounding the Adipurush poster raises an essential issue regarding the value of visual effects in movies. While impressive visual effects and visuals can improve a movie’s overall experience, they shouldn’t be the only thing that audiences notice. Content, performing, and directing all play important roles in a movie’s success. The criticism of the Adipurush poster demonstrates how modern audiences are pickier and more demanding, and how visual appeal and substance must be balanced in movies.

Netizens on Twitter:

Twitter users wasted no time in trolling the new Adipurush poster, as many of them shared memes about the actors and the film.

Reacting on a poster a user said that, I can do better editing than omraut with 0 budget😂😂…..500cr dobbav kada bondam anna 😢

While other said,
Boycott the film ham raam ji or Hanuman ji ka apman sahane vale nahi he…jay shree ram 🙏🚩

One user writes, The poster is more evocative of a video game ad than a movie poster.
While other stated that, given the movie’s funding, the graphics used in the poster are poor.

Another user, This is what occurs when you hire the same graphic designer who created the Chhota Bheem posters, a user commented. “Ultra Pro Max disaster is on its way,” said another user.

In conclusion, the audience has harshly criticised Adipurush’s most recent poster, with many individuals equating its visuals to those of Chhota Bheem. While some fans have defended the poster’s graphics, the movie’s creators have not yet reacted to the critique, which has sparked outrage on social media with users calling it a “disappointment” and a “letdown.”
One of the most eagerly awaited Bollywood films of the year is Adipurush, but recent criticism has made supporters less enthusiastic. The critique does, however, bring up an important point regarding the value of graphics in movies and the necessity for directors to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and narrative substance.

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