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Chegg APK is the best in India for Homework help. They got some fantastic features, and my favorite one is where you upload an image of the problem, and their team quickly replies with a solution. 
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Chegg Study Mod APK Image

Chegg Study Mod APK is the best in India for Homework help. They got some fantastic features, and my favorite one is where you upload an image of the problem, and their team quickly replies with a solution. 

The app is famous and got millions of users worldwide. You can browse their massive library of fully explained, step-by-step Textbook Solutions for subjects including Math, Business, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, and more. Chegg provides homework help for 80 subjects and hundreds of courses. You also get a cover for the most challenging classes and assignments. 

It’s a freemium app, and most features are available after paying for a subscription. 

However, the Chegg Mod APK provides you with all premium options for free. Install this Mod app and quickly get all options without paying a single rupee. Also, download it for Android and IOS.
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Features of original Chegg app:

Chegg Study Mod APK Image

Here are some exciting features of the Chegg app. You’ll get these options in the Mod APK as well. 

1. 24/7 Expert advice 

Be it any time of the day if you’re stuck with a complex problem, their expert team will always be there for assistance. 

2. Snap a photo

To make it easy, Chegg provides an option to upload a snapshot of your problem, and their team replies within 30 minutes with an answer. 

3. Learn with video

Recently they added an option for video classes. You can access plenty of courses to clear your concept with many subjects quickly. 

4. Create and study

You can create and study your decks or search over 500 million flashcards already in their library for Business, Accounting, Chemistry, and Calculus.

Chegg Mod APK features

Chegg Study Mod APK Image

The modified application unlocks all premium features. Here is what exactly you can expect. 

1. No Ads

You can eliminate those annoying ads that might break your concentration while studying. We removed all kinds of ads in this Mod APK. 

2. All premium features unlocked 

The original app will ask you to pay for Chegg coupons, Chegg play, premium calculators, high-level courses, etc. In the Mod APK, we provide all these features for free. 

3. Ask unlimited questions 

In the original app, you are only allowed to ask one question with the experts, but in the Mod APK, you can ask as many questions as you want. Without paying anything extra. 

4. Easy to use APK with free flashcards 

We tried our best to make the application look as simple as possible. You will feel as if you are using the original Chegg app. 

Moreover, you get free flashcards to unlock advanced tricks and calculators. It’s a great help for students. 

5. Smooth experience

Mod APK’s come with a problem of lagging that hinders the user experience, and in Chegg’s case, the students may get disturbed. We solved this, and you’ll never face any problem of lagging or hanging. 

Reviews of Chegg Mod APK

Chegg Mod APK Image

Chegg Mod APK doesn’t have a lot of reviews. So, we checked online reviews for the original app. Here is a summary of positive and negative comments that will help you make a better decision. 


  1. It takes a little bit to understand how to get around, but it’s beneficial with solving equations once you do.
  2. It has helped me with biology and chemistry so far! If you can’t understand one solution, there are plenty more to choose from.
  3. I LOVE this app. I was borderline failing my college chemistry classes, but I got this, and now it helps me solve problems.
  4. Their experts help you with the problem and tell you how they got their answer.
  5. Chegg has helped me a lot in my college classes. The teacher explains it very well, every single time.
  6. It’s a great app that has helped me a lot of the last year. This app is amazing with computer courses, math courses, and science courses. I just wish it would add English as a possible subject to select when posting a question. An explanation of a professional writing course would be helpful when the professor doesn’t help you.
  7. I was getting really frustrated with my chemistry assignment and I needed guidance. This app has really helped me understand my course work and I have saved myself hours of frustration by contacting the tutoring services. Thank you for keeping me on track in my chemistry class. I also love how the app is connected to my textbook questions. I can study practice problems when I have a quick minute or while I’m sitting in a waiting room at the doctor’s office. So convenient and helpful.
  8. Responses are relatively quick and the search feature is great although since the last update it’s now a bit buggy. After a second search, it would give the results of the previous 1st search.


  1. Chegg looks like a spam app. I’m trying to log in back into my account, and they are saying to be extra safe; let’s confirm it’s you.
  2. The customer service is not good. I don’t recommend this. 
  3. The app has been very slow. Once I open the app, it takes a while for the whole page to show all the functions.
  4. Too many errors, every single time, I have to sign in and swap devices to access my account very annoying.
  5. The app is always lagging. I’ve had a code sent to my email five times, and each time it never works.
  6. Worked fine for a month. All of a sudden got a “Please verify you are a human” message. I pressed and held the button as instructed, and it proceeded to load for about 2 minutes until it just refreshed to the same screen. Uninstalling doesn’t work. Changing network connections doesn’t work. Changing devices do work but I want to use this device. Contacted the tech support number for Chegg and they didn’t do anything. Gonna give it a few days and then I will cancel my subscription if doesn’t work.
  7. Very poorly developed app with several issues. I can barely use the website without it kicking me out every few seconds, and the app itself always locks me out as well. Waste of money, why would I buy a subscription if I can’t use the material? I have emailed before to the support team only to be kicked out every time I try to access the support page. Yes, I tried it on Firefox, Google Chrome, internet explorer, I’ve done the whole 9 yards. Horrible app, I wouldn’t use it until it’s fixed.

The Chegg app looks impressive, but they got their equal share of problems you must understand before joining. 

Pros and Cons of Chegg Mod APK


  1. Unlocks all premium features for free.
  2. Simple app with an easy-to-use interface. 
  3. Doesn’t lag and works like the original Chegg app. 
  4. Removes all kinds of ads. 
  5. It doesn’t require signing up. Install and start using. 


  1. Not protected by google, you have to download the app with a warning that the app may harm your device. 
  2. No automatic updates. You need to uninstall and reinstall the APK every single time. 
  3. You might face an issue if you got a slow Internet connection. 
  4. Also, the app may lag on devices with less ram. 


  • First, you have to discover an APK file you want. Search online for an APK document and download it into an easy-to-find location on your computer (such as your desktop).
  • Before you can install it on your phone you will want to make certain third-party apps are enabled on your apparatus.
  • Visit Menu > Settings > Security > and assess Unknown Sources to Permit your phone to install programs from resources Apart from the Google Play Store.
  • Newer versions of Android do things somewhat differently. Prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs the first time you attempt to do so As opposed to check a global setting to allow installation from sources.

How To Download and Install Chegg Mod APK free download for pc full version or Windows Devices?

You can also use Android apps on your PC by simply installing a PC emulator. The best Emulator Known by everyone is BlueStacks.

  • First of all, you have to download the BlueStacks app on your PC or any Windows device.
  • After installing the app of blueStacks register in it. After completing all the processes search for Chegg Mod APK in it.
  • You will get the list of APKs available on your device screen.
  • Install the app with the help of blue stacks and enjoy using it. These Emulators helps you to use mobile apps on a PC.

Now, you got to know that you can download and use this app on Android devices and Windows devices. You cannot use this app on IOS devices. The developers still have not generated the IOS version of the app. Don’t worry about that you definitely got many other alternatives in IOS so go for them.

How to download and install the Chegg Mod APK For Android?

  • First of all search the APK file Chegg Mod APK you want to install. You can search for it on the web and download it.
  • If you want to install the APK file on your device, the device should allow the third-party app to install it.
  • Secondly, If you want to allow the third-party app to install on your device. Go to the Menu->Settings->Security and Check Unknown Source. By checking it your device will now allow you to install third-party apps.
  • Last, install the APK file on your device and you are ready to go.

How to Uninstall or Delete the Chegg Mod APK?

If you get bored of using this app and you don’t want to use it further then you can easily delete or Uninstall the app from the device. First of all, if you are getting rid of the app for a short period of time then you just need to uninstall the app. If you are willing to remove the app permanently then you can delete the APK file along with the uninstallation process. Now follow the steps given below to get rid of the app:

  • To uninstall the app, hold the long-press the Chegg Mod APK icon after some time you will see a uninstall option. Click on it and your app will get uninstalled.
  • Secondly, you can also go to the settings and apps section. You can also uninstall the app directly from the app section by clicking on the desired app and then clicking on the Uninstall button.
  • If you want to delete the APK file then you have to go to the file manager. After reaching there click on the download folder where you will find the APK file of the app. Finally, click on the file and click on the delete option. The APK file will remove from your device permanently.

This topic includes the simple process of uninstalling or deleting the APK file. Many of you already know these steps as they are very easy. Some people still don’t know many things about smartphones so these points are just for them.

What if Chegg Mod APK Crashes or stops responding?

You have seen a lot of apps stop responding or sometimes they crash. This problem is seen with many apps and it becomes sometimes more crucial. You find that the app is not opening and crashes as soon as You try to open it. It also starts showing that the app is not responding or anything like that. You think that the app will not work on your device from now and You don’t know the best practice to do it. So here I am going to tell you a few steps that you can follow whenever your app gets crashes or does not respond. Follow the steps given below and you will get to know the exact step that you have to follow to do so. Let’s get started with it:

  • When your app crashes or does not respond, the very first step that you have to follow is that you should restart the app by closing it.
  • Most of the time the app started working itself by restarting it.
  • It then also you face the same problem then you have to follow the next step i.e., you have to go to the settings.
  • In settings search for the app section. Now find the app that is creating the problem.
  • Open the app and you will see an option of ‘Clear Cache’ in from of you.
  • Click on clear cache and then try to open the app. Most of the time the problem gets solved by this step. The app will run fine.
  • If then also the problem does not getaway, you have to follow the last step and. i.e., you have to uninstall the app.
  • After uninstalling the app reinstall it and then try to open it. The app will start working fine.

If the problem does not solve:

After doing all the steps still, the app does not respond properly and if you face the same problem then the problem is not with your device. This problem is coming from the server. For this problem, you have to wait till the developers of the app correct it.

FAQs of Chegg Mod APK

1. Is it safe to download the Chegg Mod APK? 

Mod applications always come with a warning, but we checked this app and never faced any issues. Be assured it’s safe to install and use. 

2. Do I have to pay for the app? 

No, you don’t have to. The Chegg APK is free for now and always. 

3. Do I need to change the codes to download the Chegg APK? 

No, you don’t have to. Just download the file and install it as you usually do. You don’t have to root your device or touch the codes. 

4. How to update the app?

Currently, we don’t support automatic updates. You need to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the app. 

Conclusion on Chegg Mod APK:

Chegg Mod APK is a great help for students as they usually don’t have money to buy expensive subscriptions, and this app unlocks all premium features for free. It’s simple to use, and you won’t face many issues. 

On the other they got some problems, and downloading any Mod application is always a matter of risk. In total, it’s a great APK and worth trying. 
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What's new

: Bugs Fixed

: Auto Update Option

How to download an APK file from our Website (

APK Download From ApksForFree It’s very easy to download any APK file from our website. If you are unaware of that then follow the steps given below. Read each step carefully so that you will be able to download the app without facing any problems. Let’s get started:

  • First of all search for the APK file that you want to download from our website either on Google Search or directly on our website.
  • Second, read the article if you want to know anything about the app.
  • Third click on the download button given just below the App Icon.
  • Now, wait for 10 seconds for the download link generation.
  • After waiting for 10 seconds the download link will appear. You can also follow us on telegram. Its link is given on the download page.
  • Finally, click on the download link and your app will start installing.

How to download and install the APK File on an android device?

The process of downloading any application on our site is completely free and easy. There are two methods of downloading the APK file on an Android device, from its official website and from our site as we already told that. To download it from our site, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1. Download the Apk file of the app from our site.
  • Step 2. After downloading the app, search for the same file in your device storage.
  • Step 3. Now, click on the file and click install.
  • Step 4. While the installation process may be a pop-up that can appear with the message “unknown source detected” if so, just click on the continue or okay button and wait for a little.
  • Step 5. Good job! If you have successfully installed the app on your Android device, now entertain yourself with lots of features of the app.

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