Top 5 Online Earning Genuine Methods

Earning money online has been so underestimated and not believed as a trusted concept especially in India. Maybe it is because of the shortage of platforms, people getting cheated in online transactions, and many other false activities taking place. Since this agenda of digital India came into play online earning has been boosted to its full in few recent years. Observing the present scenario it is believed that by 2030 every single stuff we come across or see in our daily life, will be digitalized. In this tremendously growing digital world, the process of earning online will also be in full swing. Although there are only a handful of genuine online earning methods, they exist. Here are some genuine online earning platforms, which in turn require a particular skill set to earn bucks in real.


Girl with laptop doing freelancing and earning online
Freelancing generally means to hire someone to get a service done at some fixed rate. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work. Freelancing works in both ways either to give service or to get it. If you are good at something you believe you can too freelance your service to others by creating an account of There are many websites that give you the facility to be a freelancer but Fiverr is the best when it comes to the interface and support.
How to Enroll?
Creating an account on Fiverr is as simple as creating some professional accounts. First, you have to decide the service you want to provide or which you are good at, suppose you are good at designing book covers, or maybe you are good at creating a website, or doing a project, or writing content. Fiverr provides you with plenty of services you can offer to anyone sitting at home, you just have to discover your passion. Once you are done with finding a service just visit create your account for free and opt for the option “become a seller”. After this provide some details about what kind of service you will be giving to the customers and also some stuff about your demo work. Create a stunning interface that is technically called a “gig” in terms of freelancing. Provide more details to your gig. Fix some amount of money you will be charging to provide your service in three packages named basic, medium, and standard. Once you complete this part you are ready with your service to publish it on After that, the freelancer team will send your gig for review and their team will judge your gig either to publish it or not. Once your gig is live it will be visible all over the world. Anyone in this world can pay you the required amount and can take your service. Freelancing is a good and genuine source of online earning once you start getting orders for your service.


Girl doing blogging earning online
If writing is an art, then, blogging is one way of using words to come up with an art. This is because people who are into blogging are the ones who are artistic in their sense. Carefully choosing words that would best describe their feelings, sentiments, wishes, desires, and everything. Blogging is one of the coolest options to earn money online. Blogs were first introduced as weblogs that refer to a server log file. It created when web logging hit the virtual market. Since its inception in the mid-1990s, web logging gradually saturated the virtual community making the Internet a viable source of greater information. Here I listed some methods through which you can make a good amount from blogging once you start getting traffic on your website. Having a blog can be useful and exciting. You can share your opinion, idea, or comment. But besides that, you can also get profit with your blog. How could it be? If you never had an idea of how to earn money from a blog, you can consider using this idea for your blog.

Earn money with Adsense

Google asks the website and blog owner to join AdSense to display ads on your blog. By displaying ads in your blog, you can earn money if your reader clicks the ads. To join Google Adsense is free, so you can join now! Besides Google Adsense, you can try other ads network services (bidvertiser, AdBrite, etc) but many people chose Adsense as their ads on blogs, because of its popularity. Click here (Earn Money from a blog by pasting the AdSense code) for more detail…

Earn money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are another great way to earn money from blogs. You just provide the link of your affiliate market and let your visitor click it. When your visitors click on that link and purchase anything then you get a commission on it. The commission rate varies with the product. To know more about the affiliate network you can contact us.

Earn money with Business Blog

A blog is a journal or diary that also could be a business promotion. You can sell your product or service with your blog. If it makes sense for you to earn money from a blog, you can try one of them or combine all of them. You can truly earn money from a blog.


Kindle direct publishing which is also called ad KDP which provides you the platform of self-publishing your book for absolutely free. If you are good at writing books or e-books, Amazon kindle gives you the platform to showcase your work to the public by making your book live to purchase on the kindle direct publishing platform. Even though you are not a professional writer, you can write ebooks having 20, 30 pages, and publish them on the Kindle platform for free. You just need to create your KDP account, after providing the necessary details Like the name, account number. Then your account will creat on kindle direct publishing. Writing a book on your own is quite difficult, here the kindle platform also gives you to publish, public domain work of other writers provided the books you publish in the public domain should be annotated or illustrated by you in different manner. KDP never allows direct copying of public domain works. There are many ebooks available on the website Feedbooks. You can download those books and annotate them properly. Make a new cover and your books are ready to publish on the kindle store.
Procedure to publish a book
The procedure of publishing the books on KDP is quite simple: you just have to provide the title of the book with some lines of description, also you are allowed to set a fixed price for your book and you are free to choose the marketplaces you want your books to reach. After These procedures just simply click on “publish”, after this your books will be sent for a review by the kindle team and if your content is original and not copied from various sources, within 72 hours of publishing your book will go “live” on kindle store. Anyone who will purchase this book paying some amount, you will get some amount of royalty from kindle. KDP is a very good source of earning in the present era unless you have some skills in writing.


Earning nowadays online is a better option as everyone is on social media. So, it is a good source of earning money. You just need to create a page relating to a particular niche. The selection of niche is the most important part of growing on social media platforms like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Decide a particular niche you are good at, create a page on Instagram or a channel on youtube providing knowledge about your niche it may be fitness, entertainment, food anything you are good at. After selecting a niche you need to post your content on social media. Also note that you need to be consistent and patient, as it takes time to grow on social platforms. You just have to work on your page or a channel for 90 days continuously without skipping a single day, without worrying about the criticism and followers. After 90 days of continuous effort, you will automatically notice the higher engagement on your profile. Which in turn will make you an influencer of social media. Brands will approach you for their product promotion and pay you a good amount of money in return. In this way, social media platforms can become a good source of genuine earning.

5. Online Teaching

Online Teaching
Teaching online is also a good source of earning in the present era. Online teaching doesn’t mean you have to be a professional teacher but you can also give tuitions online to the students. Believe me, many people are earning handsome amounts of money only by teaching a few hours online. Not only teaching, but there are also many websites where you just need to register yourself. Pass small assessments and can solve the doubts of students from class 1 to 12th. If you are good at solving doubts and explaining solutions clearly you can do it from This site provides you the interface on which you can interact with students. They can ask their doubts related to the subjects and you just have to answer them in a phased manner. People are earning lakhs by only solving doubts for a few hours. The more doubts you solve the more you earn. After registering on you have to select the subject you are an expert in. Also, you have to prove it by qualifying for a certificate in a particular subject you claim to be an expert. Only after qualifying for a certificate, they will provide you an interface where you can solve the doubts. Your income directly depends on the number of doubts you solve and you can earn genuinely from this method. If you like teaching you can register yourself on the below websites and you can earn a good amount of money.
  • Vedantu
  • Udemy

Final Words:

Above are the best 5 ways to earn money online. We have not included all the topics like Youtube trading etc as most of you know about these platforms. We have only covered the topic that people generally don’t know. All the methods are genuine and everyone can earn a great amount of money. If you have any query or want to suggest something, feel free and comment down and let me know that. No matter how hard you work, someone else is working harder. ~ Elon Musk, entrepreneur

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