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Anna Delvey Net Worth: Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, acted like a rich and powerful person in the fancy part of New York City. She fooled people into believing she was knowledgeable about the art world. She got famous and appeared on the news. She pretended to be a rich German woman with a lot of money and spent it on living a fancy lifestyle.

She stayed in expensive hotels, ate at fancy restaurants, and hung out with rich people. But she did bad things like lying, tricking, and cheating, so she got caught and punished, even though she looked fancy. This article is about how Anna Delvey got her money, how she made her plan, and why she got caught.

Anna Delvey’s beginnings:

Anna Sorokin was born in Russia in 1991 and grew up in a small town near Moscow. Her dad drove a truck and her family had an average income. Anna studied in Germany and then went to Central Saint Martins, a famous art school in London. Anna started liking expensive things and began going to expensive restaurants and clubs while she was in London.

Anna went to New York City.

Anna came to New York City in 2014. She wanted to gather art and start her own art organisation. She met art enthusiasts and began going to parties and events hosted by wealthy and famous people. Anna started using the name Anna Delvey and claimed to be a rich German heiress with a trust fund worth millions of dollars.

The Soho House scam.

Anna committed a big fraud at Soho House. She tricked the staff at a fancy club into thinking she was a rich member with lots of money. Anna used her membership at Soho House to go to other fancy places and events in New York City. She invited people to parties and paid for everything with her trust fund.

Living a luxurious life.

Anna spent a lot of money on expensive things like nice clothes, trips to fancy places, and private planes. She liked staying in fancy hotel rooms like the ones at Waldorf Astoria and Beekman Hotel. Anna visited fancy restaurants like Le Coucou and Cafe Clover and gave big tips.

Anna Delvey was not successful.

Anna’s plan to start an art club didn’t work out because she couldn’t borrow $22 million. Anna told the bank something, but they didn’t believe her and told the police. Anna was arrested in 2017 for stealing and not paying for some things she used.

Being accused and proven guilty in court.

Anna’s court case started in March 2019 and went on for four weeks. At the trial, they found out that Anna deceived lots of people and companies and took more than $275,000 from them. She did bad things like taking things that weren’t hers and got sent to jail for four to 12 years.

How much money does Anna Delvey have?

Anna said she was rich, but she didn’t get money from her family or have a job.
Anna lived a luxurious life by breaking the law, even though she had no money. She had one valuable thing, a special Hermes Birkin bag. But someone took it and sold it to pay what she owed.

What happened and what we learned?

Anna’s story made her famous worldwide, and people named her the Soho grifter. She proved that wealthy individuals can face difficulties and it’s simple for unscrupulous individuals to exploit them. Some people want a lot of things and money, and others were curious about why.

Anna Delvey Net Worth: Tells us to be careful when trying to become famous and rich. It shows how greed and dishonesty can trick people easily. Anna was briefly famous and lived a luxurious life, but it didn’t ultimately matter. She got in trouble for what she did.


Anna Delvey stole money. How much did she take?
Anna Delvey tricked many people and companies and stole more than $275,000 from them.

What happened to Anna Delvey’s Hermes Birkin bag?
Anna’s costly Hermes Birkin bag got stolen and sold to pay off her debts.

Anna Delvey, how much time did she get in jail?
Anna Delvey got sent to jail for four to twelve years.

Did Anna Delvey earn money legally?
Anna didn’t have any money from her family or a job that was allowed by law.

What can we learn from Anna Delvey’s situation?
Anna Delvey’s story tells us to be careful when trying to become famous and rich. It shows how easy it is to be tricked by wanting more and not being truthful. It shows problems with rich people’s lifestyle and their strong wants that influence many people.

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